A Day in the Life of an Assistant Drawing Coordinator

I am an assistant drawing coordinator which means that I create drawings for various elements of projects, of which I mainly deal with architectural glazing. My main responsibility is to ensure that drawings are produced, and designs are approved within a given timeframe. This guarantees that construction sites are not impacted by a delayed design project.

I have certain jobs that need to be completed by strict deadlines. This usually structures my working timetable as it dictates which jobs need to be prioritised. For the most part, this means I will work on multiple projects and designs on any given day.

When we receive a specification from a client, I work to take the design to the next stage. To do this, I ensure that the client’s requirements can be met within the given parameters. I will then liaise with the client directly and amend the design if necessary. We do this until the desired product can be manufactured and installed.

Every day is different for me. One day I may be assisting a colleague with a drawing for a roofing job, the next I may be given a new architectural glazing project to initiate using SchueCal and AutoCAD software.

Although many of the projects I work on are similar in concept, there are many unique challenges involved with each. I started at AC PLC in September 2018, and I still regard myself as being fairly new to the industry. But, these challenges give me an amazing opportunity to learn more about new construction methods and processes, as well as gain technical knowledge.

In order to get full approval on systems we install on-site, we are required to produce technical documents that show the data and performance of a product. I will often produce these documents for the client’s approval as part of the design process.

In the future, I am looking to progress and use more complex software systems, such as Revit. This will allow me to become more involved with the design and modelling of whole projects.