AC Manufacturing


AC Manufacturing comprises a bespoke service focusing on attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. We offer specialised joinery, metal fabrication and architectural metalwork on an individual project basis.

Our specialists possess comprehensive knowledge of their trade, having spent many years within the industry. With each project we strive to deliver only the best products and services, that is why we only supply our clients with high quality, durable materials.

We possess a dedicated workshop fitted with a variety of complex machinery that enables us to create a wide variety of custom fabricated items. Examples of our prior work include secondary steelworks, staircase frames, reception desks, structural support beams, vanity units and timber furnishings.

Products and Services


Unitisation involves prefabricating exterior sections of a project off site, and assembling them on site, onto prefabricated fixings. We are one of the few companies who can offer a unitised approach to our construction process.

There are several benefits of unitising work as opposed to manufacturing on site, these include:

  • Reduction in plant working hours by approximately 80%.
  • Scaffolding can be eliminated, which improves site safety, and lowers cost.
  • Greater quality control as sections are made in a controlled factory environment.
  • Less waste is produced in a factory setting, making it better for the environment.
  • Less risk and less disruption.

Curtain Walling

Curtain walls separate the interior from the exterior, but only support their own weight and the loads imposed on them (such as wind loads, seismic loads, and so on).

The design flexibility and strength of aluminium combined with high-performance glazing make our curtain walling products eye-catching, contemporary and a functional element to any building design. Our glazed walls effortlessly blur the divide between inside and outside, allowing spaces to be filled with panoramic views and natural light. We can offer tailored solutions to suit different spaces and design requirements.



Our wall and window louvres combine intensive ventilation with an aesthetically pleasing design. Depending on the type of ventilation you need, a selection of specially designed blades are mounted in a frame. Each blade and blade configuration is different, allowing different things to pass through it or over it.

We can provide different types of louvre, including:

  • Rain defence
  • Ventilation
  • Screening
  • Acoustic

Secondary steelwork

  • Access Platform – Each of our access platforms are custom manufactured to accurately meet the application requirements of the site. Steel platforms are completely factory assembled and tested to ensure quality.
  • Staircases – We can produce steel staircases in a wide choice of finishes to the highest quality, to suit the given specification. Our staircases are highly durable and come in any shape and size to fit a given setting.
  • Handrails and Balustrades – Handrails and balustrades are an important safety feature, especially in industrial applications. Our balustrades and handrails meet all regulations specifying minimum heights to ensure that they will successfully prevent falls.
  • Service Panels – With airtight seals, our service panels provide excellent possibilities for a sustainable use of air-conditioning and cooling systems. With openable and adaptable seals, the services panels are perfect for scalable and growing, modular or containerised data centres.
  • Services Support – Our steel services support trestles are built to support large amounts of piping, ducts and cables on the exterior site of large-scale data centres. These pieces of steelwork are crucial in supporting the necessary services, which us why it is vital they are weatherproof, long lasting and robust.
  • Perimeter Fencing – We can offer a wide range of perimeter security fencing systems including, V-mesh, chain link and high security. We design, manufacture and install various types of security mesh fencing panels for a wide range of end users. All our fencing systems are specifically designed to be fit for purpose.
  • External Gantry – All traversing and fixed access gantries are a bespoke design and manufactured to suit each specific building or application. They are the ideal safe and efficient access solution for maintaining large areas of glazing & cladding. Our external gantries and walkways can be provided with our range of industrial open mesh or solid flooring options.

Glass Partitions

  • AC11 – With a high quality, powder-coated finish, the AC11 system looks excellent in any environment. Available with Swing or Sliding doors with a range of glass – this system is fully bespoke to any office. Having both a Soft Open & Soft Close system sets the patented AC11 system further apart from competitors within the Storefront Marketplace. Ensuring a safe, quiet open and reducing the risk of slamming doors within the colocation sector. With a library of potential colours, the system can fit into any workspace. Whilst standard White or Black are held in stock, the customisation is endless.

Did you know….

AC Manufacturing produced over 1.5m tonnes of finished metal over 2019 / 20.

They delivered to over 5 European Countries, travelling in excess of 450,000km to meet the demands of our international projects.

AC Fabrication have completed over 30,000 man hours without incident.