Ash’s Top 10 Tips for Client Excellence

  1. Safety:

Ensuring the safety of our staff and contractors is the number one priority on any project. Staff and site welfare are always at the forefront of our minds. We are always mindful that we are going to get people home safely to their families, which means we plan our projects accordingly. This is important for clients, who want to know our safety statistics and be reassured that their project is going to be delivered with no injuries, near misses or risk. Safety has also come to include a focus on mental health and ensuring staff and contractors are in a good mental place to do the best work possible.

  1. Commitment:

Once we are signed onto a project, we remain dedicated and committed to our clients.

We reinforce this with a dedicated project team within our operations department to ensure that we have the staff available for all projects being activated. 

  1. Quality:

We get it right the first time, every time. This approach is instilled within the entire workforce and across the whole organisation. This is because we value our clients and want to ensure that we are delivering what we promised when we promised it. We ensure that all projects are fulfilled to the absolute best ability. This stems from rigorous testing, a strong supply chain and most importantly, AC PLC’s wealth of experience. It is important to instil a gold-standard management and inspection process across all projects, no matter the ‘ticket price’. Every piece of work we produce contributes to our reputation within the industry. 

  1. Innovation:

As the industry evolves, we need to evolve with it and provide high-quality projects ahead of programme deadlines. To meet these needs, it is crucial to invest in innovation and develop new methods of application. This innovation comes to fruition in the form of new products which go on to maximise our capabilities. For example, we focused recent investments into our in-house manufacturing division and developed a prefabricated off-site development method. Unitisation means we can deliver projects with shorter installation periods, and we also benefit from less on-site congestion. This has helped us overcome covid-restrictions and remain at the top of our game, as our in-house manufacturing division meant we didn’t have to face any delays on our mission-critical projects as a result of Covid restrictions.

  1. Collaboration:

We work closely with clients and subcontractors as we believe collaboration is key to delivering success and client excellence. Our in-house design capabilities put us in the unique position of being able to get involved in the early stages of a project. Construction projects are notorious for having multiple moving parts at each stage. Pre-Construction Services Agreements (PCSAs), which are part of the first stage of a tender process, allow collaboration to be brought in from the beginning. This ultimately lets us have control over the many moving parts within a project.

  1. Delivery:

A massive part of client excellence is delivering the project on time and within the programme period. It is crucial that we can deliver exactly what we say we will in the tender period. We are proud of what we produce and know that clients will be pleased with the projects when they are handed back.

  1. Efficiency:

As the market grows, efficiency becomes more and more important across all aspects of the business. From the delivery of materials to designing the project itself, we want to ensure that we are as efficient as possible, as this ultimately helps the client’s bottom line. We also want to ensure that we are as environmentally efficient as possible. We want to produce the minimum amount of carbon emissions as possible to ensure that AC PLC and what we offer is growing with the times.

  1. Attitude:

Whether a project is priced at £50 thousand or £50 million, our attitude remains the same. We will deliver the best service possible, and be there for clients, the whole way through the process. The budget does not dictate how AC PLC approach and treat a client. Customer service and excellence is always our priority, and we reinforce this by approaching every project with the same enthusiastic and staunch attitude. 

  1. Engagement:

We engage with clients the whole way from tender to completion. From pre-construction through our commercial division to delivery, everyone plays their part and engages with clients to show them that AC PLC is the best contractor to take their project forward. 

  1. Versatility:

Being an international contractor means we must always be versatile and as adaptable as possible. Every project country has its unique set of challenges, from local tax laws, workers’ unions, to visas and weather. We will accomplish projects no matter what variables there are, many of which we cannot prepare for. This means we must be able to adapt to any situation at short notice. We also must be able to adapt to new local crises or public affairs issues quickly. Our strong supply chain and in-house manufacturing division reinforce this process.