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AC Data was tasked with taking on a mammoth roofing project at a data centre by the main contractor, following impressive work on previous collaborations between the two companies. The centre is situated in the Netherlands and serves as a central hub for a variety of digital business functions for large international clients.


The gigantic area spanning a total of 21,000m² represented a challenge in itself due to the sheer scale, even before factoring in adverse weather conditions in the notoriously windy country. Workers were buffeted with high-speed gales and pelted with rain throughout the project, which had the potential to severely disrupt scheduling.

Fortunately, our experience in exterior projects meant that the work stayed on track with disruptions minimised. The initial programme was tight without factoring in the challenge of mother nature, yet the project was completed on time and to schedule – demonstrating why Mace were so keen to have AC on board. Problems arising included pools of rainwater forming and transitional materials becoming damaged. These issues were unavoidable, however our strict following of health and safety guidelines, combined with years of experience meant the damage was ultimately inconsequential.


The full 21,000m² of felt roofing was installed to a high standard, leaving both the main contractor and the client extremely happy with the finished work. Despite the testing conditions, the work represented another high-quality job completed by AC Exteriors.