As we continue to live in uncertain and unprecedented times as a result of the ongoing risk to society that the Coronavirus 19 pandemic presents, the ability to conduct day to day business becomes evidently more difficult and as such we have all had to significantly change the manner in which we conduct our daily personal and working life.

Notwithstanding, throughout this period AC PLC has endeavoured to maintain daily business operations despite the restrictive measures that have been imposed across the globe. This has not been easy, particularly as building sites in Europe have remained open. We believe we have managed to support both our clients and staff throughout this time and we have maintained progress in a safer manner, whilst ensuring that our workforce has continued to be protected from the virus.

We have implemented several policies in order to make sure we are all working safely and within the government guidelines, both in our offices and on site, without causing significant impact to the business.

Firstly, we have moved all external meetings online in order to avoid visitors coming to the office. Additionally, all staff are required to check their temperature on arrival to the office, they must also wear a mask when moving around the building and use hand sanitiser before and after touching high-contact areas, such as door handles. As well as this, protective screens have been placed between desks, and social distancing is followed by staff at all times when within the office.

On site, we cannot afford to become complacent, and at AC PLC we are now commencing a European wide programme of supporting our clients, from Finland in the north, to Spain and Italy in the south, with Germany and the Low Countries between.

We are fortunate to have access to a European wide direct labour force and supply chain and we continue to have the ability to direct labour, plant and materials to wherever and whenever required; all of which being conducted in complete compliance with the company, local and national guidance in relation to the restrictions imposed as a consequence of COVID 19. Further to this, we endeavour to fabricate and manufacture products off site where possible. This mitigates the number of staff required on site, allowing for greater social distancing and less personnel mixing.