At AC, we boast extensive experience in a variety of disciplines including roofing, cladding, flooring and waterproofing, as well as bespoke joinery and welding. Our specialists have spent many years within the industry and possess comprehensive knowledge of their trade.


AC Manufacturing encompasses a bespoke service that represents the cutting edge of construction innovation. We utilise our state of the art manufacturing facilities and offices to offer impeccable design, manufacturing and build services across the globe.


Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to offer specialised joinery, metal fabrication and architectural metalwork on an individual project basis. Our dedicated workshop enables us to create a plethora of custom fabricated items on-demand, including secondary steelworks, staircase frames, reception desks, structural support beams and timber furnishings.

The division also deals with everything from designing pioneering concepts such as our AC11 partition system, to supplying timber flooring.


With every project that we deliver we strive to use only the best products and services. We only supply our clients with high quality, durable materials and insist on only using top certified contractors, ensuring an unmatched level of quality and efficiency throughout our portfolio of completed and ongoing projects.


The versatility and reliability of AC Manufacturing underpins the quality of our work. To accommodate our ever-expanding global network and to ensure we work as efficiently as possible, AC Manufacturing has opened local branches across the globe. This enables us to connect with local contractors and suppliers, easing the supply chain.


Our unique prefabrication method involves manufacturing segments of projects at AC PLC HQ, which are then transported and assembled on-site. Our team has a wealth of experience gained from working in the steel work and cladding market, where innovative solutions have been developed to make the site installation process adopt an off site manufacturing approach. 

This technique provides a range of benefits across time, safety, and cost. 

Prefabrication lends itself to more mobility during off site manufacture due to size and weight of individual components. Therefore, the speed of construction is much faster and safe for our staff.

The process is shown to increase productivity by up to 50%. It allows measurable daily output against construction programmes whilst still incorporating cladding, louvres, doors, flashings, MEP ‘opes’ within the unitised element.

Installation is usually one of the most challenging aspects of the unitised solution as we move the panels around. However our approach allows the panels to be lifted to the building using vacuum suction technology, creating a safe system of work for our staff. 

By adopting this technique we are able to increase our levels of accuracy, as the unitised panels are made in the tent workshop. We can ensure that we minimise any unnecessary secondary steel and that all installation challenges are incorporated into the design at an early stage. This means we can beat deadlines whilst maintaining a high level of quality. 

Our prefabrication approach is the most sustainable option for clients. The amount of waste produced as well as the number of deliveries with materials carried out to sites is significantly reduced. There is approximately an 80% reduction in plant usage for the unitised solution.