AC Aftercare is the division of the business which is completely dedicated to providing attention and care to our completed projects and buildings in need of repair. In order to maintain our high standard of work, we are able to offer a variety of aftercare services to follow up on our work and provide inspections and repairs.


Our Aftercare service is dedicated to providing quality services to our clients and is tailored to suit a specific client’s needs. This allows us to highlight our loyalty and show our attention to detail. We offer services and repairs covering roofing, cladding, fixing windows and doors, jet washing, gutter clearance, lighting repairs, air pressure testing, and building services maintenance.


This division helps prevent decay, degradation, and unnecessary damage from the weather or general usage. Maintains structural stability and safety. Helps inform plans for renovation and refurbishment. Optimises performance and ensures continued compliance with statutory requirements. Our constant inspections determine the causes of defects and help to prevent recurrence.

By providing inspections, reviews, and aftercare as a package, we are displaying our dedication and care to our clients.