Design and Development

At AC PLC, we pride ourselves on using forward-thinking, cutting edge design and development technology in all of the projects we undertake. We were among the first to adopt BIM (Building Information Management) in design and construction, utilising the technique to assist in the completion and quality of our work. We have carried this experience into our design remit on our international data centre portfolio.


AC PLC’s specialist in-house design department adds value to projects from concept through to completion, with our multi-faceted team providing:


By utilising BIM systems, we are able to fully model, analyse and compare all possible solutions long before we step onto a construction site. This maximises the value for money over the lifetime of an asset as customers can consider short term construction costs alongside longer term operational expenditure.


By utilising the 4D capabilities of BIM technology, we are able to develop the safest and most efficient approach to a project. Our project planners are able to sequence construction works on screen to identify and eliminate any potential on-site safety issues caused by different work packages.


By working smarter and taking advantage of the information from our modelling software, we are able to manufacture various envelope and support systems off-site at fabrication and welding facilities, including our unitised, pre-fabricated build solution.

This method means that AC can reduce the time spent working at height, the number of skilled operatives required and eliminates hot works and the associated risks. It also allows us to identify and prevent clashes between various elements of a building or structure before work commences on-site, removing the time and cost impact of reworks being required during operations.

Certification and Compliance

We are fully conversant with the increasingly demanding design remit associated with modern construction, being able to demonstrate through our certifications and project teams that AC PLC have the capability to:

  • Design the respective elements of works in accordance with the applicable requirements.
  • Provide the Design Certifier with the necessary plans, specifications and documentation that is required for lodgement at commencement stage.
  • Arrange to provide sufficient information to the Assigned Certifier to enable them to fulfil their role.
  • As agreed with the Assigned Certifier, carry out work inspections which are pertinent to the elements of our Design, and liaise with the Assigned Certifier in terms of this and the required ancillary certification.
  • Notify the Assigned Certifier of their proposed inspection regime for inclusion in the overall Inspection Plan.
  • Provide the Ancillary Certificates when required by the Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier.
  • Maintain records of inspection.
  • Ensure that a competent person is assigned to oversee our construction works.
  • Ensure that the materials which are used on the site as part of our works comply with the requirement of the Building Regulations.
  • Sign the Certificate of Compliance (at completion).