Objectives for the future

AC plc recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond its legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and have put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) in compliance with ISO 14001 to deliver continual improvement to our environmental performance.

We all understand how important it is to help protect the planet. Here are some of the actions we are taking to lower our environmental impact.



By unitising parts of our workload, we can prefabricate and assemble items off-site and move these direct from factory to site for fast installation onto pre-prepared fixings.

Not only does this provide increased on-site safety and the ability for more versatile design; it also, crucially, provides a more sustainable approach to our construction.

Assembling products in a factory environment as opposed to on-site, means that less waste is generated due to more stringent factory measures, as well as fewer site disturbances and tighter construction.


In Office

In our office we understand it is crucial that we aim to have a zero-waste environment. With reusable mugs and glasses in our kitchen we have eliminated the need for single-use plastic cups, which would end up in landfill. As well as this, we try to maintain a paperless office, only printing documents when necessary, and recycling all paper waste.


Renewable Energy

Our offices operate on energy which is generated through our ground source heat pumps. The ground source heating units, which are placed on the outside of our workplace, use the natural heat found in the ground to increase the temperature of the water pumped through it, which in turn provides heat for the whole office. Using this environmentally friendly source of energy allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.