Total Commitment To Sustainable Systems

AC Plc is an industry leader in terms of sustainability; we take pride in our expansive range of measures that ensure responsible environmental management throughout our operations both domestically and overseas. We encourage a policy of minimal or zero waste placed into landfill, have formed special arrangements with leading manufacturers to collect waste for recycling, and have ongoing internal initiatives to reduce and minimise packaging waste.

We have a strict policy on the procurement of timber products to ensure full FSC compliance including the monitoring and management of the ‘Chain of Custody’ process to ensure ethical and sustainable timber sourcing.

Site operatives are encouraged to carry out work in an economic manner, reusing materials wherever possible and avoiding the over-ordering of materials, reducing waste wherever possible. Pallets are stored and in most cases returned to the respective suppliers on the completion of the project. Waste materials onsite are given due care and attention when sorted, according to their required disposal method. Non-site disposable waste is often collected by ourselves, brought to our premises and disposed of by the appropriate means.

Both management and site staff are encouraged to use local suppliers, where it is practical, when arranging material deliveries. In addition, staff visiting projects and sites are encouraged to travel via public transport wherever it can be best utilised. These efforts are aimed at reducing the overall carbon footprint or our work, which we will endeavour to continually improve upon. We encourage our office and administration staff to display environmental awareness. Waste paper generated at both offices is actively recycled, and warehouse staff are required to sort materials brought back from site into recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

Continuing to evaluate the impact our work has on the environment is paramount to the business going forward, we regularly analyse our commitment to sustainability to ensure responsible environmental management.