The Four Cornerstones of AC Culture

At AC PLC, we work hard to ensure we create a culture and workplace that people want to be a part of. This is because investment in people redeems respect from the workforce and encourages a higher quality of work within the business. The cornerstones of our culture are open communication, health, continuous professional development and the involvement of our vision and values. These four points go on to underpin all the excellent work we do.

1. Open Communication

AC PLC has gone from strength to strength. What started as a small enterprise flooring business has evolved into a global international construction and manufacturing partner.  Naturally, this increased workload has required senior management to look at how they communicate strategically, to ensure it is done in the most efficient way that caters to team requirements.

Company directors are often in the Head Office. Visibility in the office brings in a level of transparency and approachability to the corporate structure. This sense of openness aims to create an environment where employees feel free to communicate any concerns or problems they may have.

2. Health

The safety and welfare of staff is our main priority. On top of our health and safety protocol (linked) we also want to optimise both the physical and mental health of AC PLC employees. We embrace our duty of care and ensure the workplace is a safe and welcoming place to be.

We encourage all staff and line managers to complete mental health training. This means they are equipped to spot any problems in the early stages and know how to provide support if necessary.

Promoting good health and well-being increases employee engagement and contributes to a company’s overall performance. We promote a healthy ethos by having an on-site gym in our Bedfordshire Head Office and encourage regular walking breaks. With the impact of Covid-19 we have embraced protocol by implementing regular temperature checks, provide testing and we have reinforced a culture where employees feel able to take time to recover if they feel unwell.

We appreciate that our employees have a life outside of work and that it is important to spend time with friends and family. Acknowledging this is vital to ensuring employees continue to feel motivated and supported by the company.

3. Continuous Professional Development

AC PLC value an accredited and skilled workforce. Many current employees are undertaking professional certifications and courses specifically relating to their departments and roles. Some of our highlights include…

  • Dharam Midder, our Accounts Assistant, joined AC PLC in 2019 and has since enrolled in his Level 2 ATT in accounting.
  • Jessica Gormill, our Technical Buyer, joined AC PLC in 2018 and has gone on to complete her import and export training with the Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM).
  • Carlton Queeley, our Payroll Manager, joined the group in 2018 and has since progressed from the Accounts Department, and is now undertaking his Level 3 CIPP qualification.

AC PLC funds all these professional accreditations and commits to supporting employees with any additional professional membership fees. For example – the annual CIOB renewal, CIPD or RIBA fee.

4. The AC Vision and Values

From our workforce to our external clients and up to our board members, the AC vision is embedded in all strategies to ensure departmental objectives support our mission of using skill and innovation to turn our client’s plans into reality.

Our values and vision are also critical to our development as a company. We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce, ensure client excellence and employ streamlined processes, as we are ISO accredited. This means we have a ‘seal of approval’ from an external body guaranteeing compliance.

Each department has a clear set of objectives that link directly back to AC PLC’s vision and values to ensure they are embedded throughout our strategy. These targets are derived from our monthly board meetings and stem directly from the company leaders. These will then be individually monitored via annual one-to-one performance development reviews.